Longview High School Class of 1986


Longview High School


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In order for the scrapbook to be compatible for viewing in all (or most) browsers, I am having to sacrifice some quality, but it should be viewable in most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Of course, everyone is welcome to contribute any old pictures, newspaper clippings, or anything relating to the Lobo Class of '86 if they would like for them to be placed in the scrapbook. Please send these to one of the following email addresses:

alonzo.edwards@aol.com OR acedwards@lisd.org

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My Class of 1986 Lobo Scrapbook

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My Class of 1986 Lobo Scrapbook Chrome


Enjoy some of the pictures from the 20th and the 25th Class Reunions!

Pictures from the 20th and 25th Class Reunion

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